The objective of the Information Builders (UK) Customer Support Department is to be the Premier Provider of Customer Support. We aim to achieve more than just satisfaction from our customer base, we expect to build good working relationships with our customers, understand their requirements, and work with them to help them deliver their solutions.

Technical Support Group

The Technical experts of the organisation, acting as second line support for the Response Centre, as well as available to help with upgrades, installations, specific training requirements.

Customer Support Manager

The Customer Support Manager is responsible for maintaining the relationship between Information Builders and its current customer base. The CSM’s interface with the customers on a regular basis, whether over the phone or on site visits, and organise customer programs that will increase the knowledge of existing customers in Information Builders’ products.

IT Support

Primarily employed to support the Information Builders UK employees either in the corporate offices or whilst working remotely. They ensure that the facilities and systems are available for their colleagues to enable them to provide their customers with quality service. This group is also being used on customer sites to provide support in operating systems and networking environments for our customers.