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Information Builders’ two core competencies, business intelligence (BI) and integration, are built on a common architecture and infrastructure that evolved organically rather than through acquisitions and mergers. This common platform and architecture ensures all of your information systems needs are covered from data inception (collection, quality, and movement) to information delivery (reporting, analysis, and distribution).

Simplifying And Empowering Your Business

Our mission is to help our customers to better manage their business through mission-critical integration solutions and the pervasive use of business intelligence.  With 34 years of experience, combined with a product line of unparalleled breadth that embraces virtually every database, application, hardware platform, and existing infrastructure, Information Builders creates an environment with absolutely no barriers to success.

WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Platform

WebFOCUS, the industry’s most comprehensive business intelligence (BI) platform, promotes a proactive business culture to help organizations gain a competitive edge in today’s challenging market. Offering the most proven ROI and the lowest cost of ownership, WebFOCUS integrates the four elements of a successful information strategy: data integrity, performance management, business intelligence, and advanced analytics. It empowers organizations to leverage all of their resources, regardless of infrastructure and application mix, with an end-to-end information strategy based on a single integrated tool set. It is why Information Builders satisfies the widest range of Business Intelligence needs both inside and outside the organisation-from internal applications to external, customer facing self service systems. WebFOCUS delivers smarter decisions to everyone at every operational level of the business, regardless of their skill level, location, or role.

Performance Management

WebFOCUS Performance Management (PM) delivers a new-generation platform for holistic and pervasive operational performance management. PM gives you a comprehensive platform for creating and managing your organisation’s culture of performance and accountability. With infinitely personalized end-user dashboards, metric blogging, an industry metrics catalog, the ability to blend enterprise risk with performance strategies, print-quality publishing, mobile alerts, deep analytics, strategy authoring, and easy-to-use set up wizards – PM has it all. More than any other solution, PM combines these key capabilities – and more – right out of the box. Managing and communicating strategies to all employees or partners, as well as presenting to the executive board, can all be handled without ever leaving your browser.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise information can often be extremely difficult to retrieve. But, with WebFOCUS Magnify any structured or unstructured data, regardless of its source or location, is easy to index and search. Magnify allows users to leverage a familiar and intuitive Google-like interface to instantly access detailed records, unstructured documents, aggregate summaries, and more.

Enterprise Information Management

Increasingly complex business transactions have resulted in massive volumes of corporate data. And when this data resides in disparate systems and documents, it becomes nearly impossible to leverage for competitive advantage. As a result, executives, managers, and employees make critical business decisions based on information that is incomplete, incorrect, or outdated.

The iWay EIM suite facilitates real-time management of any information from anywhere across your entire enterprise. Regardless of where your data resides, whether it’s in structured or unstructured format, the iWay EIM suite can seamlessly integrate it, enrich it, and transform it into relevant, timely intelligence. The iWay EIM suite includes comprehensive data quality services to ensure optimum accuracy, timeliness, and reliability, end-to-end management of all metadata and master data and more.

iWay Software Pre-Built Integration Components

One of the biggest challenges for any organization is integration. That is, making all of their systems – homegrown, purchased, or acquired – work together seamlessly. iWay Software offers a complete suite of pre-built components to help integrate disparate systems, without the need to write code. This accelerates integration projects, reduces maintenance costs, and eliminates risk. iWay Software works on any platform, with any pre-existing infrastructure software to allow everything to work together.

Host-Based Reporting (FOCUS)

FOCUS sets the industry standard for host-based reporting and information systems.