Information Builders’ Partner Program

Information Builders’ partners provide products, services, and technology that enhance the business intelligence (BI) and integration solutions we offer. Collaboration with partners increases our breadth of expertise and specialized knowledge. It also allows us to maximize our customers’ technology investments.

By partnering with us you are guaranteed to expand revenue and market opportunities through our growing customer base.

Type of Partners

Partners fall within one of the following categories:

Strategic Partners are generally large, global companies with presence in all major markets. Strategic Partners use Information Builders software in a variety of ways, including infrastructure, frameworks, and more, in conjunction with their services/products. These solutions are jointly marketed with Information Builders.

Implementation Partners provide services, project management, training, business-process redesign, and systems integration in order to deliver powerful and repeatable solutions built with Information Builders’ applications and software.

Solution Partners embed or integrate Information Builders software in their applications or otherwise offer solutions based upon Information Builders software. The solutions may be sold as client-site solutions or via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

OEM Partners use Information Builders technologies in their own software products. Companies, such as SAP, Oracle, and IBM expand their product offerings with Information Builders solutions.

Advisor Partners help our customers understand the breadth and depth of Information Builders products. Advisors utilize their expertise in business intelligence, integration, and enterprise information management to consult with clients on the various uses of our products.

Technology Partners provide solutions that complement our BI and iWay integration platforms to streamline deployments and enhance performance of the Information Builders solution set. They provide the necessary development tools and platforms to develop and test our software and include all the major database engines, ERP systems, OS, specialized display vendors, etc.