Enhancing Quality of Care and Service

To truly impact the quality of customer service, companies need to unify the fragmented customer information that exists in customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, help desk, and other systems, and make it accessible to everyone from field technicians and call center personnel to post-sales support reps and account managers.

Improve Quality of Care and Services

Information Builders' intelligence, integration, and integrity solutions help companies to dramatically improve the quality of care and services they offer. With a broad range of powerful and innovative tools, organizations of all types and sizes can deliver superior support and build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with customers by:

  • Unifying the disparate systems that house vital customer information, including popular CRM packages, such as SAP and Oracle, as well as cloud-based systems and data collected through social media channels
  • Making timely, comprehensive information readily available to all those who interact with customers
  • Leveraging historical data to accurately forecast future customer behavior, such as the probability of churn
  • Using geographic intelligence to better understand customer demographics and activities by location
  • Deploying compelling, convenient, value-added information services to customers via the web or mobile devices
  • Tracking and managing the performance of support and service staff across multiple channels