Solutions for Mobile Reporting: Embrace the Mobile Channel - Without the Complexity

BI, ur BFF

When the boss asks you a question, you need to know the answer now, not when you get back to your desk. Your information should be your constant companion – at meetings, in a coffee shop, first thing in the morning if you need it. We provide a complete platform for business intelligence (BI), information integration, and data integrity that is unmatched in its ability to deliver business information to anyone who needs it, and on any device.

WebFOCUS Mobile: Build Once. Deploy Everywhere.


Information Builders' WebFOCUS BI platform brings dashboards, reports, maps, and other visualizations to every mobile platform, including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, without device-specific coding. Using the HTML5 standard, our mobile solutions allow organizations to quickly and securely deploy reports, analytics, and dashboards that look and behave consistently across all devices – for a better brand experience. For iOS, we also provide a unique native app called MobileFaves which, when activated on a user’s device, interacts with WebFOCUS Mobile Portal to manage and view content on iPhones and iPads. The bottom line: WebFOCUS helps companies deploy data-rich apps faster than any other BI platform – giving every user the ability to access and analyze any information, anywhere.

411 4 E1?

Yes, information for everyone. Information Builders has been partnering with our clients for years to make the world’s easiest-to-use information systems, frequently deploying to tens of thousands of employees and partners with no training required. In fact, many of our clients even use WebFOCUS for externally facing BI apps that go out to hundreds of thousands of their customers. High rates of mobile adoption provide new opportunities to empower employees, interact with partners, and deepen customer relationships. No other BI platform reaches as many people on as many devices as WebFOCUS.

WTH? No DQ? SMH...

When you share information with that many people, it had better be right. Information Builders provides iWay Software data quality tools that provide reconciliation, matching and merging, master data management (MDM), and even mobile data stewardship capabilities – ensuring that your users will fight over iOS vs. Android, instead of whether the numbers are correct. Better still, these data quality capabilities have application for mobility far beyond BI: Every app benefits from better data.


Sometimes it seems like there’s too much information for you to incorporate into your mobile business intelligence apps. Fortunately, iWay Software integration solutions make it easy to take data from every kind of system and bring it to your mobile apps – whether the information is cloistered away in legacy systems or stuck inside proprietary ERP and CRM applications, whether it’s big data or a ton of tiny transactions, whether day-old data is okay or you need it in real time. The most time-consuming and labor-intensive step of mobile app development – information integration – can be cut short dramatically with iWay Software.


If you’d like to discuss Information Builders solutions for mobile business intelligence, data integrity, and information integration, contact us today.