Reporting and Analytics for Facebook

Do buyers like or dislike your new product? Do they think it was a good value? How do they perceive its quality?

The answers to critical brand awareness questions like these can often be found in Facebook content, which can serve as a bellwether of sentiment about your company and its products, services, and people. And Information Builders' Facebook Adapter enables you to easily access that important data.

Analyzing Sentiment in Your Facebook Content

Get Insight With Social Data Mining, Sentiment Analysis, and More

With Information Builders’ Facebook Adapter, business intelligence (BI) developers and business analysts can mine Facebook content directly to gain immediate insight into crucial information – without spending time, money, and effort on surveys that provide outdated intelligence.

The Facebook Adapter helps businesses understand the ebb and flow of activity around vital assets, such as company image, products, services, and people by uncovering information that can be analyzed and distributed across demographic categories. So, marketing and customer service teams are able to determine if their campaigns are hitting their targets, or if processes need to be improved.