Business Intelligence, Data Integrity, and Integration Solutions for Customer-Facing Applications

Give your customers a better online experience than your competitors can, with our intelligence, integration, and integrity solutions.

U.S. Bank's WebFOCUS-Based ScoreBoard App

Our software and services allow companies to create scalable, reliable, and easy-to-use environments that overcome the challenges associated with building and deploying customer self-service systems. We enable organizations of all types and sizes to rapidly and economically share timely and complete information with thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of external users. 

Information Builders offers the market's only solutions designed specifically for large-scale, self-service applications. We provide:

  • The broadest information reach, with access to more than 300 data sources
  • Unparalleled scalability to satisfy the reporting and analysis needs of millions of users, without the need for significant investments in hardware or IT resources
  • Maximum flexibility to support any kind of application or any type of user
  • Rapid development and implementation for fast start-up and roll-out
  • Maximum security to keep the most sensitive data fully protected at all times
  • Load balancing, fail-over, and other features that optimize performance and reliability
  • Comprehensive data quality management tools that ensure the consistency, completeness, and accuracy of information shared with external users

Development and Implementation

Information Builders Professional Services employs a team of specialists with in-depth expertise in the design and deployment of self-service systems.