Information Builders Cloud Hosting Services

The cloud promises agility and cost-effectiveness that traditional infrastructure never could. As cloud solutions mature, every kind of company is moving to the cloud to eliminate capital expenditures, reduce risk, and more easily adopt big data, social media, and mobile computing solutions.

Moving enterprise-class business intelligence (BI), data integrity processes, and integration to the cloud has never been faster or easier. With our Cloud Hosting Services, customers can start using the full range of Information Builders technology using a shared public-cloud environment or dedicated private-cloud resources.

The secure and scalable infrastructure helps to:

  • Accelerate start up and time-to-value
  • Ensure maximum security, with annual certifications for HIPAA, PCI, SAS 70, and other standards
  • Roll out BI capabilities to an unlimited number of end users – without adding IT staff
  • Protect all data involved with full, frequently-tested disaster recovery procedures

Even the most sophisticated cloud-based solutions can be deployed to the cloud, such as this configuration, which uses WebFOCUS as a full-featured business intelligence platform.

Multiple Cloud Options for Maximum Flexibility

When it comes to cloud solutions, flexibility is key. Regardless of your needs, we've got a cloud deployment option to meet them:

“One Stop” Model

In this turnkey model, Information Builders provides:

  • All necessary WebFOCUS and iWay software
  • Cloud managed services, such as infrastructure (Windows or Linux OS), systems administration, network management, and database support, via a shared virtual or private environment
  • Level 1 support

Information Builders is the primary point of contact for all Information Builders software and cloud services before and after deployment.

Customer Preferred Vendor Model

Customers who already have a relationship with a cloud vendor may continue to work with them to meet their BI needs. Information Builders will recommend a cloud configuration and provide the WebFOCUS and iWay software and Cloud Support. The customer must negotiate with the cloud vendor separately to arrange for any cloud managed services.

Referral Model

In this middle-ground solution, Information Builders recommends a cloud configuration and a third-party cloud vendor based on customer requirements. Information Builders will provide WebFOCUS software and Cloud Premium Support, while the customer will negotiate with the cloud services vendor to provide all cloud managed services.

Outstanding Cloud Support

Our support for the cloud starts with a comprehensive needs assessment to determine the best WebFOCUS and iWay implementation. The assessment includes:

  • Infrastructure considerations, including user load, VM sizing, cores, RAM, and storage
  • Database provisioning, location, RAM, storage
  • Security methodology, including firewall, access control, and encryption
  • Load balancing/clustering and failover requirements
  • Performance requirements and tuning recommendations
  • Network bandwidth sizing
  • WebFOCUS and iWay software installation and configuration
  • WebFOCUS and iWay software maintenance (application of hot-fixes, etc.)

The Information Builders Platform as a Service includes more than 10 data centers spanning every geographic region, enabling customers worldwide to combine the company’s leading BI and information management solutions with the benefits and flexibility of the cloud.

Customers Using Our Solutions in the Cloud

Customers using WebFOCUS to build SaaS applications or deploying BI in the cloud include:

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