BI, Data Integrity, and Integration Solutions for Every Function, Every Industry

With Information Builders' solutions, there are no barriers to our customers' success. Designed to address a broad range of information needs, our technology is used by thousands of customers in virtually every industry – from banking and manufacturing to higher education and the public sector – to enhance a wide variety of functional processes.

Most businesses access only 20 percent of their data and deliver it to 10 percent of the people who need it. No matter what your needs or existing IT environment, Information Builders' agile and simple business intelligence and integration solutions offer real results. We help you integrate all your enterprise information, no matter where it resides, and deliver it to anyone, anytime, anywhere, in any format – so you can enhance operations, maximize performance, and gain a competitive edge.

Development and Implementation

Information Builders' Professional Servicesorganization includes specialists with experience in each functional category as well as many vertical industries, to assist with your implementation needs.

The Right Solution for Your Specific Needs

We offer solutions for a number of different industries, technologies, and functions, as well as complementary solutions that are optimized for third-party hardware and software offerings.

Customer-Facing BI Apps

Customer-facing BI Apps, such as U.S. Bank's ScoreBoard, improve customer retention in the competitive retail banking industry.