InfoApps™: Delivering Self-Service to Everyone

InfoApps™ are highly interactive, analytical apps for non-technical users. Our customers deploy InfoApps to hundreds and thousands of users with the benefit of greater adoption and usability than analytical tools, while still maintaining significant value and flexibility.

InfoApps deliver interactive analytic content such as data visualizations, charts, graphs, and reports. InfoApps go beyond dashboards by offering a variety of controls and filters on a custom user interface to aid with highly intuitive decision support. Examples of InfoApps include self-contained data visualizations, predictive analytics apps, guided self-service reports, and search-based apps, all of which can be customized for a highly personalized user experience.

InfoApps can take many forms, and are quickly and easily designed and delivered to predetermined user groups.


Data Driven Business Should be Available to All

If we construct a pyramid of user skills in most organizations, it probably would look something like the one shown below, and you can see that the non-technical users dominate the spectrum of users. Despite these large number of non-technical users today, much of the industry still focuses on developing tools for those skilled in the art of analysis.  InfoApps break that trend as they deliver informational applications to users on their terms, without needing any education of analytical tools. 


Any and All Users Can Now Benefit

Instead of learning complex tools and worrying about data preparation, users can tap into InfoApps to serve themselves and quickly get answers and insights from relevant data, right when they need it. InfoApps make it easy for non-technical, mainstream users to get and analyze information on both web browsers and mobile devices.

InfoApps make it easy for organizations to operationalize insights by making them accessible to everyone.

InfoApps present an exciting new approach to self-service business intelligence and analytics, enabling anyone, anywhere, to get fast, relevant answers to their most pressing questions.

With InfoApps, BI becomes more pervasive than ever before. Business users no longer have to attend training or read long manuals to learn complex analytical tools. Instead, they can leverage simple, purpose-built apps that put vital information right at their fingertips. InfoApps can be efficiently and economically built using Information Builders WebFOCUS BI platform, and shared with any user, inside or outside the firewall.

InfoApps are not just dashboards by another name. Traditional dashboards are built all at once by IT, aren’t highly interactive, and are geared towards at-a-glance key performance indicators (KPIs). InfoApps are built individually by IT, are self-contained, and are highly interactive. Because of their modularity, they can be assembled by end users onto a portal to create a custom type of dashboard, but they can also run standalone on a web page or mobile app. They can also be embedded in other applications to provide on-the-spot support to decision-makers.

How Do You Build an InfoApp?

The WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform provides easy-to-use tools to help power users and developers build InfoApps and deliver them to users and groups of users. WebFOCUS App Studio allows developers and business analysts to rapidly create InfoApps and deploy to users and user groups via the WebFOCUS BI portal, either as a standalone web app or embedded in a 3rd party application or portal. 

InfoApps are ideal for employees, partners, and customers because:

  • They are extremely straight-forward and easy to use
  • An intuitive interface, workflow, and interactivity enable users to analyze and manipulate information, with no training required
  • A single InfoApp can be used to answer hundreds, even thousands of questions from your data
  • They are web and mobile-optimized, and can be consumed on any desktop or device - tablets, PCs, laptops, or smartphones
  • They significantly cut down on licensing, development, and maintenance costs
  • They offer high visual appeal and custom branding

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