Omni Governance Console

Omni Governance Console – part of the Omni-Gen information management platform – lets business users view, monitor, compare, and report on mission-critical data; identify and rectify faulty information; and create a complete, historical web-based view of mastered golden records.

Omni Governance Console is part of Omni-Gen, the data integration, governance, and mastering platform.

Practical for Business and IT

Omni Governance Console is business-friendly and supports multiple roles, including stewards, managers, administrators, and more.

Capabilities Appropriate for Each Omni-Gen Edition

Omni Governance Console comes with the tools appropriate for each edition of Omni-Gen. Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition incorporates the Integration Edition, and the Master Data Management Edition incorporates the other two editions. The Omni Governance Console provides the tools needed for whatever edition you’re using.

Share and Collaborate Throughout Your Organization

Omni-Gen Integration Edition includes Data Profiler, allowing users to share data with other users via the web. Robust analytics capabilities generate advanced profiling data, such as statistics, uniqueness, frequency, and masks. Users can then query, report, analyze, deliver, and display that information in any way they choose.

Resolves Data Quality Issues

Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition includes the Remediation Portal, an innovative and powerful data governance facility providing end-to-end support for the discovery and cleansing of corrupt, invalid, or incomplete data. Manual cleansing and matching overrides let data stewards make final determinations.

Manage History and Relationships Across Business Domains

Omni-Gen Master Data Management Edition includes the 360° Viewer, which provides a complete, historical, web-based view of golden records mastered across all functional domains, for easily identifiable record-data origination and audit. Created to assist in analysis, job management, and master data management (MDM), it lets users search and view all business subjects and historical information.

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