Omni-Gen™ Data Quality Edition

Omni-Gen™ Data Quality Edition is a unified platform for profiling, cleansing, and enriching information. Data Quality Edition dramatically improves consistency, accuracy, and completeness, so organizations can increase their information capital to yield higher business value. Data Quality Edition, part of our Omni-Gen Platform, includes everything in Integration Edition and adds technology for data cleansing and remediation.

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Increase the Value of Information Capital

Data Quality Edition has extensive and broad-reaching data quality management capabilities. An automated rules engine cleanses the data, triggering instant changes to existing data to eliminate mistakes.

Cleanse Big Data

Use iWay Big Data Integrator with the Data Quality Edition for your big data projects. It provides the ability to do data profiling, analysis, enrichment, merging, and cleansing from native Hadoop sources and file formats (Hive, Avro, sequence file, Snappy-compressed CSV, etc.)

Control Transactional and Analytical Applications

Real-time data quality firewalls can be built complete with real-time reporting and monitoring. Restrictions, constraints, and other data quality rules can be defined and implemented, and then automatically applied to data values across the information landscape.

Enhance System Migration or Software Integration Projects

Enrich information by appending it with relevant content gathered from external sources. Match and merge information across multiple data sets to promote consistency. Whether installed on premises or in the cloud, Data Quality Edition is easy to implement and packed with rich functionality.

Comprehensive data quality and integration capabilities ensure rapid access to timely, accurate data across all systems, processes, and stakeholders. For data mastering, move up to the Omni-Gen™ Master Data Management Edition.

Improve Customer Identification Processes

Data Quality Edition contains robust data governance capabilities for end to end remediation of data quality issues.

Validate Inputs in Self-Service and Other Online Applications

Profile and analyze data to assess its quality and immediately identify and correct integrity issues.

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Learn how Omni-Gen™ Data Quality Edition can leverage modern platforms and code optimization techniques to minimize initial investment and total cost of ownership. For more information on Omni-Gen™ Data Quality Edition, contact us using this form.