Information Management, Mastering, and Governance

Implement Master Data Management, Data Quality, and Integration in months, not years. Measure time-to-value in weeks, not months.

Watch our latest video and see how Omni-Gen can generate applications rapidly and economically.

Omni-Gen provides a single platform housed in the cloud or on-premises, for generating applications that combine data integration, data quality, and master data management – in a fraction of the time such projects used to require. The benefits are huge: The time for typical projects can be reduced from years to months or even weeks.

Three Editions to Meet Any Business Need

Omni-Gen is available in three editions:

  • The Integration Edition includes powerful application and data integration capabilities that provide seamless access to any application or data store, to enable rapid creation of integration architectures with the greatest breadth and depth
  • The Data Quality Edition extends the Integration Edition, ensuring information completeness, validity, consistency, timeliness, and accuracy across all systems, people, and processes with advanced data quality management functionality
  • The Master Data Management Edition combines the capabilities of the Data Quality Edition with effective data governance functionality for rapidly creating and efficiently maintaining a single view of core entities among all information sources


Encourages Best Practices

The business can take the driver’s seat for the modeling of data cleansing and mastering requirements.

Ensures a Robust and Reliable Implementation

You can automate development of data management, mastering, and governing applications.

Improves Transparency and Efficiency

Users get a complete, historical, web-based view of mastered golden records.

Enables Enterprise Data Governance and Remediation

The entire organization will be able to use a single complete, consistent, and unified view of business domains.

Omni Governance Console

The Omni Governance Console is the business user interface to Omni-Gen, enabling them to view, monitor, compare, and report on mission-critical data; identify and rectify faulty information; and create a complete, historical web-based view of mastered golden records.

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