Omni-Gen’s Integrity Designer enables model-driven, agile-enabled design.

Rapid Generation of Master Data Management Applications

Organizations use Master Data Management (MDM) to make sense of massive volumes of fragmented, unsynchronized data across multiple systems and applications. When done well, MDM provides valid, complete, accurate information for key operations and analytics enterprise-wide.

Omni-Gen is software that codifies and automates best practices associated with multi-domain MDM implementations. These processes involve data integration, cleansing, and mastering, and are usually implemented manually, with months spent on specification, design, coding, and testing. Omni-Gen, by contrast, enables organizations to develop the models and "golden records" they desire for a result and then automatically generates the processes needed to complete the job.

Benefits of MDM include:

  • Improved transparency and efficiency based on a single, consolidated view of important business domains
  • Streamlined operations and analytics based on unified data
  • Better completeness and consistency across business units

Benefits of Omni-Gen include:

  • Months of development work and rework can be reduced to weeks of model-driven, agile-enabled design
  • Multiple interrelated domains are all managed in a single toolset
  • Data exchange is simplified through generated Inbound Document Specifications that are used to map golden record elements to enterprise data
  • Process documentation arises naturally from modeling and generation activities
  • Master data is built on valid, accurate information because of integrated data quality capabilities
  • Issues that might otherwise be forgotten or get lower priority, such as change history maintenance and automatic management of cross-domain references, are built into the Omni-Gen generated processes
  • Analytics -- including visualizations, reports, and InfoApps -- can be created faster based on generated star-schema data marts, even before the repository is populated and production-ready

Omni-Gen includes previously available technology components for data access, transformation, validation, enrichment, cleansing, and mastering, as well as new modeling, process generation, and process management capabilities needed to automate best-practice MDM application development.

Features of Omni-Gen include:

  • Integrity Designer provides a visual, model-driven environment for the definition of multiple interrelated MDM domains (i.e., "golden records"), along with reference data and rules for cleansing, validating, and mastering records
  • 360° Viewer provides a complete, role-based view of every entity across every mastered domain
  • Remediation Portal enables data stewards and other business users to fix mastering and data errors in real-time
  • Omni-Gen Server maintains auditable history, reconciliation of master data references, remediation processing, enhanced application logging, and more

As the culmination of MDM project implementations, Omni-Gen serves as the foundation for all new Information Builders MDM applications. If you're from a large healthcare provider, check out Omni-Patient for a pre-packaged implementation of an MDM application.