WebFOCUS Mobile

WebFOCUS Mobile is an innovative mobile BI platform that blends native device functions with standard web capabilities to deliver a hybrid approach to mobile BI. This enables the rapid creation of highly interactive, device-independent solutions that ensure fast time-to-value by leveraging the existing BI platform, content,  security, and your go-to team of BI professionals.

With WebFOCUS Mobile, organizations can build once and deploy anywhere – rapidly and cost-effectively. What makes this approach especially compelling are the unique analytic and interactive capabilities of web apps delivered by WebFOCUS and the special abilities that our companion native app, Mobile Faves, provides for these web apps to enrich the user experience.

WebFOCUS Mobile Highlights:

  • Build once, deploy everywhere
  • Leverage existing web content and resources
  • Dynamic device detection and exploitation of sizing, gestures, and controls
  • Built on the latest HTML5 technologies
  • Interactive portable analytics, online or offline
  • Full write-back capabilities
  • Save, catalog, annotate, or subscribe to mobile BI content
  • Free, prebuilt run-time app for Apple and Android for easy and secure content distribution
  • Custom branding for rapid deployment in app stores

Our suite of mobile BI products includes:

WebFOCUS Active Technologies, a special type of web app that combines data, charting, and interactive analytic capabilities into a single web document that can be e-mailed and saved offline.

WebFOCUS Mobile Faves Mobile Faves is a native mobile app that imbues web apps with an enhanced user experience. Users gain a natural and native interface to the same BI content available in a device browser, but with the device-specific navigation paradigms and gestures they are already comfortable and familiar with. Supported on iOs and Android devices.

WebFOCUS Maintain. A web app that provides transaction services that allow writeback applications to be created and intermixed with traditional BI applications. Maintain enables companies to build apps that capture pictures of incidents or inventories, and to write back to event or product catalogs, for example.

WebFOCUS Mobile: Get Critical Data on the Go

WebFOCUS Mobile enables users to check critical data at any time, from any location.