iWay Tools

iWay provides a comprehensive collection of data application and B2B integration tools.

iWay DataMigrator is just one of the many iWay Tools available.

iWay DataMigrator is just one of the many iWay Tools available.

They include the following:

  • iWay Service Manager is an enterprise service bus (ESB) product that enables organizations to create, compose, and manage services and microservices, whether they are deployed as web services or through other interfaces. By helping organizations reuse existing application and infrastructure investments to create powerful web services, iWay Service Manager lays the foundation for a quickly deployable and easily maintainable service-oriented architecture (SOA) or event-driven architecture (EDA) for an enterprise. This product is lightweight and highly configurable.
  • iWay DataMigrator is a powerful and comprehensive automated tool designed to dramatically simplify extract, transformation, and load (ETL) processes, including the creation, maintenance, and expansion of data warehouses, data marts, and operational data stores.
  • B2B Integration with Trading Partner Manager enables rapid, effective management of trading partner and related activities. This product dramatically improves the way partner transactions, as well as those performed over external exchanges, are planned, executed, and tracked.
  • iWay's Universal Adapter Suite contains a wide range of off-the-shelf adapters to provide easy access to any information system. Customers who have implemented the Suite within their environment know that it is easy to access and repurpose almost any form of data, any application, any B2B format, and any service.
  • iWay Sentinel is a web-based user interface with capabilities to detect failures in server status, message transmission, and performance issues across one or more instance of iWay Service Manager. It also reports the health status of the various components using a customizable health model.

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