WebFOCUS Business User Edition

Governed Self-Service Analytics for Workgroups

Business User Edition (BUE) is designed for groups of up to 100 users who wish to generate and share reports, charts, documents and dashboards, and to conduct data discovery to identify trends, patterns and opportunities.  

BUE empowers business users with the ability to generate new and impactful value out of their data, without the need to involve IT and BI developers for their analytical needs.  For user populations over 100, and for more advanced needs, please refer to WebFOCUS Application and Enterprise Editions.

Based on a Proven Platform

WebFOCUS Business User Edition is a sophisticated and flexible workgroup solution for non-technical users, based on the WebFOCUS enterprise grade BI and analytics platform.  This is important because a proven underlying technology platform delivers several capabilities that are critical to successful adoption and value: 

  • Server based infrastructure to manage the resource needs for multiple users
  • Data governance and metadata management, ensuring delivery of a unified view of trusted data
  • Group and role based security model to manage access and content delivery for a range of user types
  • Processes for managing governed content access, collaboration and distribution
  • Access to an extensive set of data adapters, from simple SQL databases to complex SAP Hana data sources.

A Sophisticated Yet Highly Usable Workgroup Analytics Solution

Business User Edition is completely browser-based and incorporates many workgroup-oriented capabilities. It offers a rich array of analytics features that are not found in a desktop self-service analytics tool. See the gallery and checklist below to review several of the innovations incorporated within Business User Edition.

It is a combination of the core capabilities of Business User Edition, plus the multitude of features that provides such breadth and depth of value to non-technical users.  Ask Information Builders for a demonstration or an evaluation download of the product, and view these innovations for yourself:

  • Analytics Portal + Self-Service Authoring
  • Simplified Data Preparation, Metadata + Governance
  • Automated Content Generation from Uploaded Data 
  • In-Document Analytics Extends Reach of BI
  • Automated Content Distribution and Bursting
  • High-Performance Columnar Storage for High Speed Discovery
  • Advanced Visualizations Including Custom D3 Charts
  • Advanced Exploration With Auto-Linked Analytics
  • A Fully Featured Report Writer

Governed collaboration is a key capability of Business User Edition.  Users in the same workgroup can share and collaborate insights, and content can be automatically linked to help with root cause identification of outliers, peaks and troughs.  Also, within each user's personal portal, views from others in your workgroup can be view and assembled into dashboards. For example the dashboard on the right can contain views from multiple users, by simply dragging and dropping content onto the page: 

Solving the BI and Analytics Backlog

IT and BI developers are backlogged with requests, identification of insights are delayed, and businesses are less agile. With Business User Edition, non-technical business users are now able to access data,  create views, share insights and collaborate on decisions without waiting for specialists to turn around their requests.  Business User Edition enables smarter more agile business, and can be a stepping stone to more advanced deployment of business intelligence via the WebFOCUS Application and Enterprise Editions.

Here is a short video introducing WebFOCUS Business User Edition:

The BUE server operates on Windows and Linux platforms, and is also available in the cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Business User Edition Components

BUE consists of a personal portal and an analytics authoring tool