Data Governance

Powerful, Comprehensive Data Governance with Real-Time Issue Tracking

A key element to an effective data quality management strategy is data governance. However, many companies don’t have broad-reaching data governance policies in place. Others have defined the appropriate guidelines, but lack the tools needed to support and enforce them. As a result, their data quality and information management strategies are incomplete and at risk for failure.

Real-time alerts from iWay Data Steward Portal can notify you of potential data quality issues before they make it into your corporate data stores.

The iWay Data Steward Portal is an innovative and powerful data governance tool that is included in the iWay Master Data Suite. It offers end-to-end support for identifying and cleansing corrupt, invalid, or incomplete data, and provides a complete, unhindered view of data quality issues at all times.

The iWay Data Steward Portal provides a single, unique, fully integrated environment, allowing organizations to:

  • Proactively detect and capture bad data as it is entered – before it pollutes other systems in the infrastructure
  • Cleanse bad data automatically, in real time or batch, based on pre-built or customized business rules
  • Track data quality issues requiring manual corrections in real time – from the time they are discovered to when they are corrected

Key Features

The iWay Data Steward Portal is a robust, feature-rich data governance environment that provides a complete, unified data quality management platform with powerful capabilities, such as:

  • Dynamic, proactive capture of bad data as it is entered into ERP systems or other applications, dropped into file directories, transmitted over FTP servers, generated during the course of automated processes and transactions, or sent via e-mail
  • Intuitive color-coding, making it easy to see where data discrepancies or problems exist within data values
  • The ability to import bad records quickly, including full and incremental imports, to create new issues in the system or update existing ones
  • A customizable workflow engine that supports multiple tiers of reviewers and approvers, and allows for quick and easy assignment of issues to one or more data stewards
  • Automatic routing of changes to an approval queue
  • Flexible issue handling, including proposing corrections automatically, as well as allowing users to make manual adjustments to data as needed or merge duplicate records by selecting individual values from each
  • An end-to-end audit trail of all changes made to records
  • Proactive event triggers that route issues to specific individuals based on certain criteria, or automatically notify key stakeholders when certain types of problems are identified
  • A user-friendly Web portal/dashboard interface that provides a single, easy-to-access location for all activities related to the monitoring, auditing, management, and resolution of data quality issues
  • Advanced, role-based security that keeps sensitive data fully protected at all times