Master Data Management

Many companies make critical business decisions or develop important corporate strategies based on information that’s outdated or inaccurate. A comprehensive master data management (MDM) strategy, with the right supporting technologies, can change all that. By creating a single, accurate reference point for all common data elements – such as customers, products, or employees – MDM can help organisations to enhance productivity and operational performance by improving information accuracy and data exchange within and beyond the company.

The iWay Master Data Management Suite's innovative, specialised technologies can help companies overcome data integrity challenges by: 

  • Mitigating corporate risk and boosting the effectiveness of compliance efforts
  • Offering our plug-and-play Master Data Center (MDC), which seamlessly integrates with existing systems to consolidate millions of records according to easily defined business rules. Unified and validated master data is instantly available to a wide range of enterprise applications, such as ERP, CRM, self-service portals, analytical tools, data warehouses, and other internal systems
  • Providing a broad portfolio of industry-specific solutons. Pre-defined and customisable vertical data models for key master data entities, such as customers, contacts, and products, are available for finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and other industries
A single view of your customer, employee, vendor or product.

iWay MDM tools allow you to see a single view of your customer, employee, vendor or product.