Data Profiling

iWay Data Profiler enables information archiving for on-demand reporting.

The iWay Data Profiler integrates output from iWay Software's Data Quality Suite with business intelligence (BI) technology in a simple yet powerful way, enabling administrators to view, monitor, compare, and report on the mission-critical data of any organization. It provides sophisticated integration capabilities bolstered by mature tools for data quality monitoring, reporting, and analytics.

iWay Data Profiler enables users to query, report, analyze, deliver, and display electronic profiling data in any way they choose. iWay's capabilities for semantic analysis and the application of complex business rules can generate advanced data profiling information. This profiling functionality can determine basic data statistics, uniqueness, frequency, and masks as well as define custom business rules. Its relationship analyses includes primary and foreign key.

iWay Data Profiler takes the data profiling  even further by enabling information archiving for on-demand reporting, as well as additional graphical and intuitive analysis of the variance in data profiles over different time periods. Drill-down data can also be collected in a database so the exact records that fall into one of the profiled categories can be displayed.

With iWay Data Profiler, administrators can:

  • Collect profiling data
  • Tag and archive profiling data input as a set into an associated RDBMS for easy retrieval
  • View the data profiling set using advanced data manipulation and graphics
  • Compare multiple archived data profiling sets to view the variance in profiling data
  • Print/export any of these views in industry-standard formats like HTML, PDF, and Excel
  • Share data with other users across the intranet/Internet