Data Quality Suite

The iWay Data Quality Suite is a comprehensive, unified toolset designed to profile, cleanse, and enrich data, to drive better planning and decision-making by ensuring the consistency, accuracy, and completeness of enterprise information.

Part of the iWay Information Asset Management Platform – a robust environment for proactively creating and maintaining data completeness, validity, consistency, timeliness, and accuracy across systems, people, and processes – the Data Quality Suite empowers organizations to fully exploit the value of their information capital with extensive and broad-reaching data quality management capabilities. With the Data Quality Suite, organizations can better control transactional and analytical applications, enhance system migration or software integration projects, improve customer identification processes, validate inputs in self-service and other online applications, and much more by:

  • Building a real-time data quality firewall, complete with real-time reporting and monitoring
  • Profiling and analyzing data, to assess its quality and immediately identify and correct any integrity issues
  • Dynamically cleansing data via an automated rules engine. Restrictions, constraints, and other data quality rules can be defined and implemented, then automatically applied to data values across the information landscape, triggering instant changes to existing data to eliminate mistakes
  • Enriching information by appending it with relevant content gathered from external sources
  • Robust data governance capabilities for end to end remediation of data quality issues
  • Matching and merging information across multiple data sets to promote consistency, in conjunction with the iWay Master Data and Integration Suites

Easy to implement and packed with rich functionality, the Data Quality Suite leverages modern platforms and code optimization techniques to minimize initial investment and total cost of ownership.