Integration Suite

The iWay Integration Suite is the most flexible and agile integration foundation available, providing interoperability between disparate systems and data for faster time to market on IT and business initiatives, including mobile applications, big data analytics, real-time supply chains, and other game-changers.

For organizations trying to get the most out of existing applications and infrastructure investments, the iWay Integration Suite is the fastest way to create powerful, reusable business services from existing applications. We provide better interoperability for more infrastructure components than anyone on the market. All aspects of your existing infrastructure – every major integration, application, database, and development platform – work in concert, with modernized service-oriented architecture (SOA), ETL and real-time data integration, and universal connectivity to rapidly develop new business applications and data warehouses.

Our tools can be used to:

  • Deliver rich transformation capabilities with full support for application and business-to-business (B2B) messaging
  • Orchestrate services into complete business processes
  • Integrate data in real-time or with ETL style integration
  • Integrate applications, legacy systems, and services inside and outside the firewall
  • Expose applications, B2B interactions, cloud applications, and middleware as services
  • Compose new coarse-grained, business-level services from fine-grained, application-level services
  • Deploy services and business processes anywhere in the enterprise on any hardware, operating system, or application platform
  • Maintain security and usage policies
  • Monitor and resolve critical business events with activity monitoring and complex event processing
  • Meet compliance reporting and regulatory guidelines such as SWIFT, HL7, and EDI
  • Accelerate mobile projects by integrating disparate systems to use in mobile BI apps and by enabling data to be accessed and updated from mobile devices, anytime anywhere, with complete transaction integrity.

iWay solutions can be used standalone or plug seamlessly into existing infrastructures using IBM WebSphere, Microsoft .NET, SAP NetWeaver, and Oracle Fusion.