Modern, Native Hadoop Integration with iWay Big Data Integrator

iWay Big Data Integrator lets users graphically design Sqoop and Flume jobs that would otherwise require complex custom code.

iWay Big Data Integrator simplifies the creation, management, and use of Hadoop-based data lakes. It provides a modern, native approach to Hadoop-based data integration and management that ensures high levels of capability, compatibility, and flexibility to help your organization.

Ingest and Transform Natively With Hadoop

iWay Big Data Integrator runs on all major Hadoop distributions, ensuring high portability. It ingests and cleanses traditional, mobile, social media, sensor, and other data in batch or streams, using native Hadoop facilities. It also runs under YARN, taking advantage of native Hadoop performance and resource negotiation.

Support a Variety of Big Data Integration Use Cases

Users can choose Sqoop for data replication, capture, and export; Flume for streaming and unstructured data acquisition; and iWay Service Manager for ingestion of non-Hadoop data (e.g., transactions, messages, alternate data sources) - all running natively in the cluster.

Reduce the Need for Extensive Training or Knowledge of Hadoop

iWay Big Data Integrator includes a simplified, easy-to-use interface, so companies need fewer people to manage big data deployments. Hadoop developers can spend less time coding and debugging.

Improve Security

iWay Big Data Integrator leverages Kerberos security and encryption, and adds sophisticated process management and governance to the Hadoop ecosystem.

Enable Broader Usage of Big Data

Organizations will find that the flexibility and power of iWay Big Data Integrator helps them leverage their Hadoop implementations to improve operational excellence, increase customer intimacy, manage risk more effectively and find new sources of revenue.

iWay Big Data Integrator comes in two editions to ensure the right components are available for organizations at the right price. Both editions run inside Hadoop natively under YARN. For a no-obligation demonstration of iWay Big Data Integrator, or to find out more click here, or contact us directly at 800-969-INFO.