Better Data. Better Analytics.

Better data is trusted information, not data discrepancies. Better analytics are actionable insights, not lots of dashboards. Better data and analytics means differentiating your business by empowering more people to make better decisions.

Our products, whether installed in-house or in the cloud, harmonize data to ensure accurate information, visualize data for valuable insights, operationalize those insights for decision-making by all, and monetize data through information applications for customers and partners. Explore Information Builders product families below to learn more.


Business Intelligence and Analytics

WebFOCUS is the industry’s most flexible and pervasive BI and analytics platform, able to deliver a broad range of governed analytical tools, applications, reporting, and documents to any and all business stakeholders. It is a strategic technology that delivers an array of analytical and operational benefits inside and outside the enterprise, whether to management, analysts, line-of-business workers, partners or customers.


Data Management

Information Builders’ Data Management Platform comprises three solutions that enable users to access, profile, enrich, cleanse, and master their data: Omni-Gen™ provides game-changing technology that aligns business users and IT to define and manage their most important data domains. iWay Big Data Integrator leverages Hadoop for massively parallel data integration and transformation. iWay Tools provide the underlying technology for every sort of integration: internal or business-to-business, data or application oriented, real-time or batch, and more.


Information Management Applications

Information Builders’ Information Management Applications enable organizations to achieve broad accessibility, reliability, and consistency of their data. Complex data integration is made simpler, quality is assured, and governance allows for sustainability. These applications provide users a business-friendly interface for optimizing the quality and structure of data investments; view, monitor, compare, and report on mission-critical data; identify and rectify faulty information; and create a complete, historical web-based view of mastered golden records.


Information Builders is unique in its ability to provide both data management and analytics solutions to organizations looking to maximize value from the ever increasing complexity and number of data sources.

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