Integration – Integrate Your Enterprise Systems with iWay Software

Integration software allows you to connect all of the various data sources in your enterprise into a cohesive whole.

Enterprise Integration software gives you the ability to integrate the diverse data and information sources both within and outside your enterprise into a single coherent framework. An integrated information infrastructure can then be shared by mission-critical applications such as CRM, executive information portals, dashboards, reporting systems and automated supply chain systems.

In the computer industry, integration software is a general term for any software that serves to join together or mediate between two separate and usually already existing programs, applications, or systems. Enterprise integration software is typically industrial strength integration software that can not only access disparate systems, but provide the data quality and data management infrastructure and tools to oversee the data and application integration environment.

A common application of integration software known as "middleware" is designed to allow programs written around a particular database to access other databases within the enterprise, thereby enabling complete integration of heterogeneous sources of data.

iWay Software accelerates business integration by simplifying it dramatically – eliminating custom integration code, and replacing it with the straightforward assembly and configuration of off-the-shelf components. iWay SOA Middleware provides everything necessary to achieve real-time, near-real-time, or batch integration more quickly and easily than competing tools and the "roll-your-own" approach.

iWay provides standard connections to over 300 back-office systems and data sources, enabling organizations to quickly and easily leverage technologies such as IBM's Websphere™, XML, and Java™.