EMEA Innovation Series Webcast: Real-Time Data Integration for Modern BI

Operational BI and analytical agility require a different approach to data and analytics. Tools have different strengths and limitations; data modeling helps keep businesspeople on the same page, but takes too long.
In this webcast, guest speaker Claudia Imhoff will present the Extended Data Warehouse architecture, emphasizing real-time analytics via embedded BI and streaming analytics.
It includes:
  • How to prioritize real-time analytical requirements for maximum effect and agility
  • Data technology and processes to support real-time strategies
  • Steps for getting started with real-time analytics to maximize the probability of success 
Presenter : 
Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D., President, Intelligent Solutions for BI Network & Jake Freivald, VP Product Marketing, IB 
Duration : 
60 min 
Date & Time : 
Jun 09 2016 3:00 pm CEST (2:00 pm in U.K)

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