Property and Casualty Insurance Information Management Solution

Information Builders' Insurance Performance Foundation (IPF) enables property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies' executives, analysts, operational staff, customers, and agents to quickly and easily generate exactly the policy, premium, claims, underwriting, triangulation, and key performance indicator (KPI) reports they need – exactly the way they need them.

Insurance Performance Foundation provides a unified graphical dashboard for P&C insurance executives that includes key performance indicators (KPIs) for expense ratio, combined ratio, legal expenses, loss ratio, and written premiums.

Comprehensive Reporting for a Wide Property and Casualty Insurance Audience

Client-tested parameterized reporting frameworks save time and money while improving service and business performance. Each report framework supplies a wide array of ad hoc reporting combinations right out of the box, yielding hundreds to thousands of pertinent reports.

  • Claims managers easily obtain all the information they need to resolve and process claims, no matter where or how it is stored – they resolve problems before they reach crisis proportions, and can flexibly view and analyze losses
  • Actuaries get a complete set of accurate and consistent triangulation reports in just minutes, including variations and tweaking
  • Underwriting and exposure managers get complete, flexible, and consistent risk and exposure analysis reports, effortlessly performing iterative, comparative risk analysis
  • Policy administrators easily handle policy inquiries, premium and coverage issues, and policy demographics – they get the full grasp of policy types and earned premium with a single, consistent view of disparate claims and premium information
  • Executives quickly take the organization's pulse with comparative analyses and graphical KPIs that cover the entire business and zero in on potential problems

The frameworks also satisfy the reporting needs of COOs, litigation support staff, financial analysts, pricing specialists, strategic purchasing managers, customers, business partners, and more.

Fast Implementation, Industry's Lowest TCO

A proven data model and open, extensible architecture ensure a fast, problem-free implementation. You save two to four times on total cost of ownership and two years in implementation time over building the reports from the ground up.


Your customized Insurance Performance Foundation includes the following components.

Parameterized reporting frameworks – Provide a broad range of business segmentation, dependency analysis, trending, and variance reports meeting needs such as risk management, underwriting profitability, claims management, regulatory compliance and governance, customer service, and distributor management.

Prebuilt ETL – Extract, transform, and load technology comes embedded with P&C logic for data movement, aggregation, scheduling, and error handling.

Data model – Proven P&C-specific data model supporting data marts with report-friendly three-tier hierarchy – summary, highly summarized, and KPIs.

Installation and implementation – Includes installation of the software, basic customization, documentation, and application training.


Scheduled or alert-based reports can automatically notify users via e-mail when critical business issues arise. Other business intelligence and data integration options include:

Data marts can be extended to a fully compatible comprehensive enterprise data warehouse model that includes the atomic (detail) layer of data.

Parameterized Reporting Frameworks

  • Policy Summary
  • Payment Summary
  • Insurable Values Summary
  • Claims Quick Search
  • Claims Listing – Single Line
  • Claims Listing – Multiple Lines
  • Loss Range Analysis
  • Lag Days Analysis
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Limited Loss Analysis
  • Premium Production Summary
  • Written Premium by Product
  • Underwriting Results – Profitability of Book of Business
  • Month-to-Date vs. Inceptions-to-Date Experience
  • Premium Triangulation Report
  • Triangulation Report – All Views
  • Triangulation Claim Count Report
  • Triangulation Paid Report
  • Triangulation Incurred Report
  • Triangulation Development Factors Paid Report
  • Triangulation Development Factors Incurred Report
  • Triangulation Development Factors Claim Counts Report
  • Graphical Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
    • Combined Ratio
    • Current Premium vs. Loss
    • Previous Premium vs. Loss
    • Loss Ratio
    • Expense Ratio
    • Earned Premium
    • Written Premium
    • Claims
    • Expenses
    • Legal Expenses (LAE)
    • Exposure
  • Graphical Comparative Analysis Reports
    • Expenses
    • Losses
    • Premium
    • New Business
    • Cancels
    • Non-Renewals
    • Policy Count
    • Claims Paid Analysis
    • Claims Incurred Analysis